The Reviews of Butt Enhancement Pills: Before and After

Whether you are new to butt enhancement pills or have been doing research for awhile now, you have more than likely seen the countless reviews and five-star options on websites like Amazon, ebay, and health and wellness websites. A quick Amazon or ebay search is going to show you brands like PureBody Vitamins, IsoSensuals Curve, Gluteboost, and Booty Magic. Other than the fact that these brands obviously get the job done, what other reasons are behind such rave reviews. Let’s take a look at what people have to say about their before and after experiences.

  • Gluteboost: for the reviews on Gluteboost most people note that they saw results within the first two to four weeks. Some even mentioned that their underwear size went up about two sizes while using the product. Others came away with stunned and shocked experiences, simply because the pills worked. About 72% rated this product as 5 stars on Amazon with 14% coming in at four stars.
  • Booty Magic: for the reviews on Booty Magic, these were a bit harder to find since this isn’t as popular on the Amazon market as other brands are. It is still considered one of the top five brands for butt enhancement, but for some individuals, it does cause weight gain as a side effect. Like other pills on the market, it contains all of the usual ingredients but it also has Wild Yam, Chasteberry Extract, Aguaje, Red Clover Extract, and Saw Palmetto Extract.
  • PureBody Vitamins: for the reviews on PureBody Vitamins, most people note that they notice the weight and feel of their buttocks. Not only is it firmer but it is heavier and curvier. A lot of individuals use creams in combination with this specific brand though since they use a 2-in-1 formula for both butt and breast enhancement. About 52% have rated this product as 5 stars on Amazon while 17% rate it four stars.
  • IsoSensuals Curve: this one is the most popular butt enhancement pills that you can find on the market currently. On Amazon alone, it has over 2,000 reviews with more than 60% of those reviews being five stars and 24% being four stars. The reason this product is rated so good is because it works, although some did note that they either gained too much in their butt or that they gained weight around the stomach area. For most though, the product works extremely well and most saw results within the one to three-month range.

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Some individuals found that their butt size increased by inches, whereas other individuals found that they gained weight in the wrong area. So depending on how your body utilizes the estrogen hormones, your results will vary. The only other thing worth mentioning here is that you should not take these while on any other type of medication.