About Me

Hi, I’m Carl Hoffman. I am a landscape designer and bulk materials expert. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, I have gained a lot of knowledge regarding bulk materials and landscaping.

I acquired my degree in Landscape Architecture at one of the most reputable universities in the country. After graduating, I worked for a bulk materials company for five years as a sales personnel. After that, I transitioned from a sales position to a leadership role in the same bulk materials company, a role I held for ten years.

When I thought about what a great contribution I made to that company, I realized it was high time for me to start my own company. That’s when I founded Hoffman Landscaping.

And since I am the type of person who likes to share knowledge, I decided to put up this blog. At the end of the day, I hope you find inspiration in my blog posts.

This wonderful blog features my experience, knowledge, and advice for those who want to take their landscaping skills to the next level. I also aim to help you learn which bulk materials are the best for your taste, and how you can handle them with ease.

I get it, being a beginner in the world of bulk material handling and landscaping can be difficult at first. But fear not, because I am here to help.

So read through my blog, and learn more about bulk materials and landscaping. Let’s make great landscapes together! Cheerio!